‘Make Your Own’ – Nappy Wipes

Welcome to the very first of the ‘Make Your Own’ series, a collection of posts designed to help you expand your resilience within the home.

Making your own nappy wipes will save you money, be kinder to the environment (hello minimal waste and no packaging) and ensure that you never have to worry about running out!


What You Will Need
• Fabric (If you have soft t-shirts in need of recycling, use them up! Otherwise, you can use the humble Chux cloth)
• Fabric scissors
• Water
• 1-2tsps Sorbolene / Moisturising Cream (Only necessary if you have horrible household water)
• 1-2drops Lavender Oil
• Storage Container

1. Cut up your cloth into squares of roughly 15cm x 15cm.
2. Optional – overlock the edges to increase longevity.
3. Mix your water, sorbolene cream and lavender oil in the storage container by pouring in, securing lid tightly and shaking thoroughly.
4. Add dry wipes to the container, scrunching up to ensure that all wipes become lightly damp. If too wet either add more wipes or gently wring out moisture.

• The moisturising cream and lavender oil are completely optional. Our water is horrendously harsh so both are necessary additions for me at the moment. If you have relatively soft water, try making a batch without any softeners.
• Some people prefer to leave the wipes dry and the water mix in a drink bottle until the moment of use. This is entirely up to you.


Coming up in 2014

2014 is almost upon us and I am so excited to be able to share it with you! It will be a big year for The Happy Rebel and a big year for our family with a cross country move planned and our second baby due in April.

The Happy Rebel will be becoming slightly more structured throughout 2014, with a couple of really exciting series planned. Check out the sneak peeks below…

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So, as you can see, we have a really exciting year ahead with heaps of great strategies to make 2014 your greenest, happiest year ever.  Make sure that you add The Happy Rebel to your favourites and join us on Facebook to ensure that you don’t miss a moment!

Have a great 2014…