Nesting – The Ultimate Excuse for a Good Declutter

Let’s face it; pregnancy can at times feel like a period of temporary insanity. Rioting hormones, a rapidly changing body and bizarre cravings can all contribute to making you feel slightly insane.

Weirdly, even if you are generally not a neat freak, those marvellous hormones and the sense of impending motherhood may result in the urge to clean, paint, tidy and otherwise prepare your nest.

If this sounds like you, fantastic! Take advantage of your natural instincts to give you a great head start on decluttering the nest in anticipation of your new arrival.

• Work in short bursts. This is particularly important during the first and third trimesters when you are more likely to tire easily. Tackle only one small area at a time to prevent yourself getting exhausted.

• Enlist support. Moving furniture and lifting heavy items are not something that a pregnant woman should be doing. Enlist the help of your partner to deal with anything heavy.

• Don’t fall for the ‘just in case’ trap. Babies need less than most new parents think. Check out this list of Essential Items for a Happy Mum and Baby

• Dispose of excess wisely. Nesting is an excuse for decluttering, NOT for overfilling your rubbish bins. Be thoughtful about where your excess goes; can it be donated, given to friends / family or even sold?

• When in doubt – box away. If you are indecisive about an item, box it up and mark it for 6 weeks after your due date. Put the box out of sight and if unopened by the marked date, give it away. (Obviously this doesn’t apply for clothes that your baby will grow into – they can stay!)

• Simple question, simple answer. If you find yourself struggling to declutter ‘stuff’, ask yourself one very simple question. Would you rather clean / tidy / organise this item or cuddle your newborn? Time is finite, use it wisely!

Welcoming a new baby into your home can be a joyous and momentous occasion. It can also be blo*dy exhausting (hello sleep deprivation). Housework will often take a back seat for at least a few weeks. Make your own life as simple as possible by getting stuck into some decluttering now. You’ll thank yourself later!

P.S – Congratulations!


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