Hosting a green baby shower!

So, there’s a new baby coming into your life soon? Congratulations, this is such an exciting time for everyone involved! Regardless of whether you are throwing a baby shower for yourself or a friend, here are some great ideas to a simpler, greener and more sustainable baby shower.


• Reduce paper waste by using recycled paper for the invitations, or better yet – get creative on the computer and send via email. (You could even create a Facebook event, but I’d prefer to be a little more personal!)

• If the weather is suitable, opt for an outside venue such as a park or garden. No electricity required!

• Ditch the balloons, streamers and cheap plastic banners. Either make decorations yourself out of recycled materials or take the simpler option with some gorgeous plants and native flowers.

• Consider the environment when making catering choices. If on a budget, ask everyone to bring a plate of homemade treats, or if there is a little more cash to spend – opt for delicious local produce.

What to Buy
• If you’re throwing a shower for a friend, chat to the expectant Mummy about what they actually need.

• If you’re the one expecting, don’t be shy about letting people know what you need. Baby gifts are given with the intent of being helpful so your friends won’t be offended!

• Challenge people to come up with homemade or recycled gifts (check out this list of green baby shower gift ideas)

Green Baby Shower Gifts

• Service Vouchers – treat the expectant Mummy to a facial, massage or other beauty treatment.

• Homemade coupons – These are some of the most useful and underrated gifts around! Offer to prepare dinner once a week for a month after baby arrives, design a coupon for a freezer full of baked goodies, or line yourself up as the new dog walker! If there are already other children in the family, offer your services as a baby sitter.

• Weekend away for the expectant couple

• A treasured book from your own childhood

• A gift membership – La Leche League, the Australian Breastfeeding Association or even the local toy library

• Charity Pledges – Something as simple as the gift of ‘Maternal Health Care’ (offered by World Vision) may be perfect for the expectant Mum that already has everything. Alternatively, make a pledge to the expectant parent’s preferred charity in the name of their new baby.

• If you simply must buy something new, check out the Australian made Nurture sling. It’s made from organic cotton, without the aid of sweatshops and is absolutely beautiful. (This is not an affiliate link, I just really love the product)

Baby showers can be lots of fun for all involved. Hopefully the above examples show that with just a little bit of planning, they can also be environmentally friendly!


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