Why this farm girl is voting Green…

Apologies to any of my lovely followers that are based overseas, but today’s post has a local flavour. There is a bee in my bonnet and I simply have to get it out…

It is time for a confession that may well get me shot by my family or at the very least disinherited.

*Deep breath. Last will and testament in order… Check*

At the last Australian Federal Election, I voted for the Australian Greens. To make matters worse, upon hearing that Western Australia will in all likelihood going back to the polls owing to some ‘lost’ ballot papers leading to confusion over who was victorious in the Senate (don’t ask), I contacted the Greens and volunteered my time to help get them over the line in this election.

Forget money, forget managed funds or property portfolios – I personally believe that TIME is the most precious asset that we have. So why on earth would I be volunteering to support a party that I’m not 100% convinced by with the most precious asset that I have?

The answer is simple. I agree with The Greens on the issues that matter most.

As an Australian I’m angry that the Abbott Government has cut foreign aid and removed poverty alleviation from the list of international aid objectives. Despite appearances, we are not a purely self-interested nation, willing to help others only if there is a measurable benefit to our trade balance.

As a Mum, I’m horrified that my children’s future is being jeopardised by politicians sticking their heads in the sand over climate change. (For an unbiased and purely factual view of Australia’s changing climate, check out this video from the Bureau of Meteorology).

And finally, as a human being, I am appalled and disgraced by the attempts of the current Australian Government to portray asylum seekers as criminals, despite their legal rights to seek asylum.

Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with The Greens on some issues in the agricultural sector, but it has come down to a simple choice of choosing policies that support people’s lives, or choosing policies that support livelihoods. At the end of the day, which is more important?

In Australia we are blessed. Despite my joking at the outset of this post, our political views are unlikely to get us shot (just don’t tell my family). We each have the power, and the right to make our voices heard, and most importantly we have the freedom to choose who we vote for at each and every election.

So, if you are Western Australian like me and are heading back to the polls soon, ask yourself one very simple question. Where does this party stand on the issues that matter to me?

As a former rusted on Nationals / Liberals voter (I’m a farm girl ok, forgive me), I can guarantee that this one simple question may change your mind AND your vote.

P.S – Congratulations and thank you if you made it to the end!



2 thoughts on “Why this farm girl is voting Green…

  1. It’s not just WA that’s going to the polls! Here in little old Redcliffe we are having a by-election this weekend (the lib candidate was sacked after inappropriate comments about a staff member’s menstrual cycle among other things). Today the libs knocked I my door to tell me the new candidate really cares about what I want. As I rattled off a list of environmental concerns for our region, they backed away slowly.
    I vote Greens because I don’t think they’ll actually win, but I want to send a message to those in power.

    • Thanks Jo, I completely forgot about the Redcliffe by-election despite reading about it earlier today. Thanks for the reminder and good on you for sharing your concerns! Unfortunately we don’t see ANY political candidates out here, but I’ve taken to sending our sitting members letters whenever I get up in arms about an issue. They can’t ignore me completely:) I’ll watch the Redcliffe results with interest…

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