5 Tips to Get Rich Quickly

Who doesn’t want to be richer? If you’re looking to instantly increase your riches in just a few minutes without succumbing to a Nigerian scam, then the below list is for you!

Be warned, it may not be exactly what you anticipate…

1. Want less.

‘A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone’ HD Thoreau.

The quickest (although not necessarily easiest) way to feel richer is to want less. The benefits of wanting less include the opportunity to genuinely increase your material wealth through reduced spending, increase your happiness through the reduction of ‘wants’ and untold benefits to the environment through reduced material consumption and waste.

2. Reflect on all that you do have.
So, you’re devastated because you can’t afford the latest Wii, but you’ve already got a PS3, a laptop, an iPhone, an iPad and buried somewhere a Nintendo? Sometimes it’s worthwhile reminding ourselves of everything that we do already have. For some these may be wonderful intrinsic things like good health, good friends and a loving family. For others, it may help to reflect on your existing material wealth. Chances are, all of us already fairly rich.

3. Give
A little bit of philanthropy is one of the most generous ways to make yourself feel richer. Not only are you reminded how lucky you are to be able to give, but it also keeps this issue of wealth and richness in perspective.

4. Do something meaningful
Focus on those intrinsic values mentioned under number two by doing something meaningful. For some this may mean volunteering in a soup kitchen, for others it may be spending precious time with loved ones.

5. Break free from the trend cycle.
Getting caught up in the ‘cool’ cycle is a sure fire way to be ultimately poor in those things that are truly important. Is your credit card debt piled high from shopping sprees and keeping you awake at night? Do you have a cupboard full of clothes that are no longer cool (leopard print /neon spring to mind)? Do you feel compelled to queue outside the Apple store in the wee small hours to be a ‘trend setter’? Ask yourself, is this stuff making me genuinely richer?

So, there you have it, a five step plan to instantly boost your riches! Do you feel rich, regardless of your financial circumstances?


One thought on “5 Tips to Get Rich Quickly

  1. Great tips. Coincidentally I also wrote about the value in wanting less recently. I’m getting better at feeling rich, regardless of our finances. I find it helps to find meaning and joy in the everyday – even chores ;-).

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