Why Bother?

So, yesterday I had one of those ‘why do I bother’ moments. It was 43 degrees (Celsius), there was a scorching wind blowing off the desert and the flies were excessively friendly. Yet there I was, dutifully leaving the car in the garage once more and walking down to the local swimming pool, pushing the pram and cursing the flies.

On the way, I was passed by 3 vehicles all owned by people that live considerably closer to the pool than I do, yet they had opted to drive, subsequently arriving for their swim beautifully refreshed from the car air conditioning. Me? Well, I arrived sweaty in a swarm of flies! Possibly not my most glamorous moment…

The thought crossed my mind of why the hell do I bother? At 7 months pregnant and with a young toddler in tow, why am I the one that’s walking in the heat while others enjoy their air conditioning? Why do I continually go to so much effort when no-one else around me does?

As we eased our way into the deliciously refreshing cool water and a little of my positivity reasserted itself, the answers came to me. I opt for walking partly because I like to remain fit, but mainly because if I don’t do it, who will?

Remember Gandhi?

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

Right now, I can’t talk to members of the United Nations about the urgent action needed on climate change and global resource depletion. Nor can I physically shake our beloved Prime Minister until he begins to see sense. (Well, not without getting arrested).

But, what I can do is be the change that I wish to see.

Sometimes this may mean a sweaty and undignified arrival at the local pool. Sometimes, it may mean braving the public ridicule for not having the absolute latest in material consumer goods. Occasionally, it may even mean initiating an uncomfortable conversation about our environmental impact. Maybe, just maybe, I might even inspire just one person to do the same.

So, guess what? This afternoon, I’ll strap the toddler back into the pram, soak her fly veil in cold water and don my enormous hat before once again walking to the local pool. I’ll guarantee that our swim will be even more rewarding as a result of the effort put into getting there!

Do you have those ‘why bother’ moments? How do you stay on track with your commitment to a more eco-friendly lifestyle?


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