The Joy of Having Less

Over the past twelve months, our household has been through a massive declutter, ridding ourselves of at least 2000 individual items!

We have never been hoarders, nor particularly materialistic and having moved 8 times in 7 years we thought that we were already doing a fairly good job at keeping clutter to a minimum. Apparently not…

Each week, at least one nappy box sized container has departed our house for greener pastures. My husband has started to joke that if this continues, we will soon have nothing left.

The amazing thing is that despite the large number of things we have given away, we still have so much left. Equally amazing, to-date nothing has been missed or replaced. Sure, some things have tugged at the heartstrings as they left the house, but for the most part, our decluttering journey has been uplifting, liberating and rewarded.

We don’t aspire to be minimalists or to be able to fit all our worldly possessions in a suitcase. What we do aspire to is a life less dominated by material goods, a clean and clutter-free home and free time to spend however we wish. All these benefits and more have become our new reality.

Clutter lurks in the strangest of places. The below list is an overview of some of our biggest culprits.
• Books
• Kitchen Utensils
• Bedding
• Clothes & Shoes
• Toys
• Stuff – by far our biggest killer! Everything from a dog muzzle, to a mountain of hospital grade sterile wound dressings, to dainty china dolls and ornaments. Think of all the stuff that you have lurking in your house…
• DVDs / Videos (yes, videos as in VHS)

Over the course of our declutter we have donated enormous piles to the local op-shop, the sale of which benefits the Royal Flying Doctor Service. However, we have also sought to share the love and have donated to the following;
• BHP’s Libraries for Liberia project
• The local community library
• Community Resource Centre
• The local community daycare centre
• Our nearest women’s and children refuge
• Local Indigenous communities

But, we’re not finished!!!
Our work is far from over. We still have far too many possessions that take up too much of our space and energy and no, we haven’t been replacing the old clutter with new stuff.

In order to keep our decluttering mission on track, I’m undertaking a 2014 in 2014 challenge with the aim of removing a further 2014 items (not including waste / recycling) from our home in 2014. As at the 5th Jan, I have 100 items set aside for donation, with an array of larger items also ear marked to be given away. With a new baby due in April it will be a challenge to maintain momentum, so I’d really appreciate any tips that you may have.


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