The Joy of Instant Gratification


For most of us, one of our primary goals is to ‘be happy’. Despite this, so many of us fall into the trap of postponing our own happiness. We believe that it’s not possible to be truly happy until we have the big house, the perfect marriage, the challenging yet enjoyable job and the absolutely perfect hair.

As someone who has never in their life had perfect hair (drat you curls), I’ve finally learnt that it is entirely possible to be happy without any or all of the above!

Your happiness is your responsibility. It’s not up to the Government, not up to your partner and not up to your family. It’s entirely up to you. It’s easy to deny yourself happiness, easy to say that someone else has made you feel down or that you’d love to be happy but it’s out of your control.

Take a moment, right here and right now to allow yourself to be happy. Close your eyes and create a quick mental inventory of all the wonderful things in your life. You may have beautiful flowers blossoming outside your window sill, have just noticed a rainbow or been given a big sloppy kiss from your toddler. Take a moment to rejoice, to breathe deeply and enjoy the good things in your life. Be happy!

Now take that moment and carry it with you as a talisman against those things in life that will undoubtedly cause you to question your happiness. Rather than indulging in retail therapy to lift a low mood, take 5 minutes to write a list of all the things in your life that you are grateful for and have to be happy about.

It’s time to stop putting off your happiness…

Good luck!


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